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Area Man Still Perfecting His “What the Hell is Going on Here?”



VOL 50 Issue 365

Even though he is a very formidable authority figure, Ralph Bunker says he is still calibrating his delivery of “What the hell is going on here?” The admission comes after returning with his wife from an overnight trip to the Hudson Valley, to find his house in disarray and a group of sketchy teenagers, three of whom were his children, engaged in numerous shades of irresponsibility in the backyard. An already imposing father can’t be satisfied with his booming, demanding utterance of the stock question, according to Bunker, he has to keep perfecting his timbre and timing, along with the accompanying glare, in order to achieve the desired results—imprecisely defined though they might be. After unpacking and watching the teenagers disperse, Bunker practiced in front of a mirror before heading downstairs to confront the next instance of filial non-compliance.


Management Guru Reveals Two-Word Secret Sauce for CEO’s

Protagoras v. Abdera / Ribera - Protagoras of Abdera /Painting by Ribera -


VOL 10000000000 Issue 1

CEO’s should forget strategy, risk, globalization, collaboration, sustainability, digital disruption and many other trite bogeymen, according to renowned management expert and Harvard Business School Professor Magnus Gabor “The CEO must unashamedly demand MORE FASTER,” the Hungarian-born Gabor who advises leadership of more than 75% of the largest multinational companies, told Lou Dobbs of Fox Business News. “That is how he lives and that is what he has always done in interacting with employees, customers and suppliers. He has to own and perfect that behavior.” In the upcoming issue of the Harvard Business Review, Gabor, who speaks solemnly with an accent as thick as goulash, will publish the results of his unprecedented study of top business executives on six continents, many of whom were supposedly women, along with his one-step prescription. “MORE FASTER is the answer when the question is what to do, no matter who is asking the question nor its context,” intoned Gabor. “The CEO should not measure anything else or chase anything that makes him stray. Success correlates to his ability to embody MORE FASTER.” In a related story, Dobbs ruptured a vertebra in his neck while nodding vehemently in agreement during the interview with Gabor.


Huge American Flag Maker to Open Huge Car Dealership



VOL 50 Issue 1776

MegaGlory Inc., the leading manufacturer of supersize American flags, announced it will open a MegaDealer of all domestic and foreign automobiles. “We talk to all the U.S. car dealers and we learn from them every day, because they are essentially our only clients,” said Bull Rambo, President and CEO of MegaGlory Inc. “We like contributing to the splendor of their business, and we also like things that are enormous, so we are going to open a national network of gigantic centers that sell every kind of car.” Analysts note that as MegaDealer competes with and takes business from auto dealers, the move may cannibalize the company’s ridiculously-gigantic-American-flag business. Rambo acknowledged that observation, while asserting that the main lesson he’s taken from car dealers is whether you sell really big American flags that cluster and loom over stretches of municipalities, or just cars, it’s all about patriotism and has nothing to do with advertising, attracting attention, or making lots of money.

Amateur Physicist Theorizes Zone beyond Supermarket Milk Section

Wide perspective of empty supermarket


VOL M Issue +1

There is a space-time region even farther away than milk in the supermarket, according to the mind-bending hypothesis of Zuleika Zounds. If it exists, the mysterious, frigid zone is so distant it would add thousands of steps and hours of exertion and inconvenience for a typical consumer/traveler each year—as if it were intentionally placed beyond the supermarket’s conventional boundaries by a malevolent architect who wants to mess with hurried people and drain them of precious time. Zounds, who enjoys games with numbers and PBS science programs, and has admitted to a bit of a crush on the genial and debonair Neil deGrasse Tyson, believes this speculative area is as far from regular ol’ mass-produced milk—not to be conflated with slightly more accessible organic milk or yogurt—as regular ol’ mass-produced milk is from the checkout. What the zone might contain strains the imagination, but Zounds says it would be foodstuff even more essential than regular ol’ mass-produced milk.

Fitness Trackers Pinpoint Group with Most Panic and Heart Attacks



VOL 145 Issue 60

Expectant first-time fathers who have just exited Target after their first shopping-for-baby trip experience by far the highest level of anxiety-fueled cardiovascular trauma of any population, according to FitBit, competing fitness trackers and mood rings. Acute panic and related distress peak two-three weeks before a baby is born, when a father-to-be has been dragged after work to Target, a store he’d rarely if ever patronized, by the soon-to-be mom. Big Data—confidentially curated from devices that monitor heart rate and wellness, and incorporate GPS feeds—indicates that when the future dad struggles to push a red cart overflowing with diapers, clothes, wipes, medicine, ointments, room accessories and other cute and necessary supplies, then softly asks, “So how much did we spend in there?” and receives the answer—that is precisely the moment when medical professionals should be no farther than 20 paces, with transportation revving and emergency cardiac care on standby at the nearest hospital.


Daniel Craig Quietly Campaigning for More Torture Roles



VOL 70 Issue 3

English actor and mature heartthrob Daniel Craig is diplomatically soliciting more roles that entail physical torture, according to sources. “Daniel quite rightfully deserves to star in another movie in which his character is interrogated and tortured, or just plain tortured,” said one friend. “Watch Casino Royale, Spectre and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo—there is no question that Daniel delivers the goods. He uniquely projects a steely dignity and defiance, without losing the vulnerability and pain, when he is strapped in a chair or suspended by chains.” Beyond his track record of excellence, Craig reportedly savors the physical and emotional nuances involved with such work. Friends say his wife, actress Rachel Weisz, after studying the scenes and professionally reenacting them with Craig, has vigorously endorsed his campaign for more of the same work, perhaps because he hasn’t been that busy lately. In their quiet working of Hollywood back channels, Craig and his representatives have been notably restrained during impromptu auditions for producers, directors and casting agents who are developing big-budget projects that showcase the harsh treatment of heroes. “There are dozens of these torture roles coming out in the next few years—maybe it’s a sign of the times—and only a few truly A-list actors that fit them,” said another friend. “It’s refreshing that Daniel has been so classy in tooting his own horn about torture and so remarkably low-key in requesting a ginormous paycheck.”

New Lincoln “McConaughey” Rolls Out and It’s Not Just for Bourbon Sippers



VOL 478  Issue 23

Next month Ford Motor Company’s Lincoln division will introduce “The McConaughey” to celebrate the actor’s tasteful and successful advertising campaign for the Continental, as well as his distinctive personality and values. The luxury sedan exudes a taut, sleek, somewhat waxen, intense, stoner Zen design, and features engraved Wild Turkey glass holders, monogrammed bongo drum and stand, clothes hamper and, predictably, DVD players preloaded with a signature movie library. Through a delightfully calculated marketing ploy, Lincoln will sell the limited-edition McConaughey to only 500 women and only 100 men. Auto insurers are reportedly still simulating how the model will be used by groups of unpredictable hipsters, so that they can offer the appropriate coverage.

Researchers Isolate Ignore-the-Screaming-Child Gene



VOL 23 Issue 25000

The gene that allows an adult male to calmly ignore his own screaming infant or toddler has been identified. Scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory say the gene suppresses nurturing and empathy instincts, unleashes stress inhibitors, and effectively lets a man completely tune out a small child throwing a tantrum or otherwise vocalizing any form of bodily or emotional anguish. Through groundbreaking research on the gene, which exists only on the Y chromosome of all men worldwide, indicates it is most prominently activated during certain behaviors and in specific environments: while a man is driving his car and listening to Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”; downstairs in the den watching NFL RedZone; or at the dining room table savoring Rigatoni Bolognese and sipping a Valpolicella. The scientists are now exploring why women lack the “ignoring-the-screaming-child” gene and they are inviting the medical, business and political communities to suggest additional applications for its introduction, because the end behavior is so prevalent and unquestionably blissful.

Young Lawyer Cheerfully Abusing Jargon



VOL 3 Issue 4.8

Regina Wyndbagh, a first-year associate at a fairly reputable corporate law firm, has enthusiastically injected a fragment of legalese into personal conversations, according to irritated friends. “Putting celery in tuna fish – that’s tantamount to gross malpractice!” Wyndbagh exclaimed while lunching on Saturday with people who do not work in Law. Later, in a supermarket parking lot, she chirped to a friend, “Randomly shoving your shopping cart in the pen when you’re done with it—instead of neatly nesting it in the queue—is tantamount to gross malpractice!” A mutual acquaintance observed that Wyndbagh always had a passion for justice and language, and speculated that the pet phrase had been uttered by a hoary professor at law school. Taking things to the next level, the young attorney, during a sunset stroll in town on a path frequented by dog walkers, posted a photo of unscooped poop with the caption #TTGM.

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