Protagoras v. Abdera / Ribera - Protagoras of Abdera /Painting by Ribera -


VOL 10000000000 Issue 1

CEO’s should forget strategy, risk, globalization, collaboration, sustainability, digital disruption and many other trite bogeymen, according to renowned management expert and Harvard Business School Professor Magnus Gabor “The CEO must unashamedly demand MORE FASTER,” the Hungarian-born Gabor who advises leadership of more than 75% of the largest multinational companies, told Lou Dobbs of Fox Business News. “That is how he lives and that is what he has always done in interacting with employees, customers and suppliers. He has to own and perfect that behavior.” In the upcoming issue of the Harvard Business Review, Gabor, who speaks solemnly with an accent as thick as goulash, will publish the results of his unprecedented study of top business executives on six continents, many of whom were supposedly women, along with his one-step prescription. “MORE FASTER is the answer when the question is what to do, no matter who is asking the question nor its context,” intoned Gabor. “The CEO should not measure anything else or chase anything that makes him stray. Success correlates to his ability to embody MORE FASTER.” In a related story, Dobbs ruptured a vertebra in his neck while nodding vehemently in agreement during the interview with Gabor.