VOL 50 Issue 1776

MegaGlory Inc., the leading manufacturer of supersize American flags, announced it will open a MegaDealer of all domestic and foreign automobiles. “We talk to all the U.S. car dealers and we learn from them every day, because they are essentially our only clients,” said Bull Rambo, President and CEO of MegaGlory Inc. “We like contributing to the splendor of their business, and we also like things that are enormous, so we are going to open a national network of gigantic centers that sell every kind of car.” Analysts note that as MegaDealer competes with and takes business from auto dealers, the move may cannibalize the company’s ridiculously-gigantic-American-flag business. Rambo acknowledged that observation, while asserting that the main lesson he’s taken from car dealers is whether you sell really big American flags that cluster and loom over stretches of municipalities, or just cars, it’s all about patriotism and has nothing to do with advertising, attracting attention, or making lots of money.