Wide perspective of empty supermarket


VOL M Issue +1

There is a space-time region even farther away than milk in the supermarket, according to the mind-bending hypothesis of Zuleika Zounds. If it exists, the mysterious, frigid zone is so distant it would add thousands of steps and hours of exertion and inconvenience for a typical consumer/traveler each year—as if it were intentionally placed beyond the supermarket’s conventional boundaries by a malevolent architect who wants to mess with hurried people and drain them of precious time. Zounds, who enjoys games with numbers and PBS science programs, and has admitted to a bit of a crush on the genial and debonair Neil deGrasse Tyson, believes this speculative area is as far from regular ol’ mass-produced milk—not to be conflated with slightly more accessible organic milk or yogurt—as regular ol’ mass-produced milk is from the checkout. What the zone might contain strains the imagination, but Zounds says it would be foodstuff even more essential than regular ol’ mass-produced milk.