VOL 70 Issue 3

English actor and mature heartthrob Daniel Craig is diplomatically soliciting more roles that entail physical torture, according to sources. “Daniel quite rightfully deserves to star in another movie in which his character is interrogated and tortured, or just plain tortured,” said one friend. “Watch Casino Royale, Spectre and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo—there is no question that Daniel delivers the goods. He uniquely projects a steely dignity and defiance, without losing the vulnerability and pain, when he is strapped in a chair or suspended by chains.” Beyond his track record of excellence, Craig reportedly savors the physical and emotional nuances involved with such work. Friends say his wife, actress Rachel Weisz, after studying the scenes and professionally reenacting them with Craig, has vigorously endorsed his campaign for more of the same work, perhaps because he hasn’t been that busy lately. In their quiet working of Hollywood back channels, Craig and his representatives have been notably restrained during impromptu auditions for producers, directors and casting agents who are developing big-budget projects that showcase the harsh treatment of heroes. “There are dozens of these torture roles coming out in the next few years—maybe it’s a sign of the times—and only a few truly A-list actors that fit them,” said another friend. “It’s refreshing that Daniel has been so classy in tooting his own horn about torture and so remarkably low-key in requesting a ginormous paycheck.”