VOL 3 Issue 4.8

Regina Wyndbagh, a first-year associate at a fairly reputable corporate law firm, has enthusiastically injected a fragment of legalese into personal conversations, according to irritated friends. “Putting celery in tuna fish – that’s tantamount to gross malpractice!” Wyndbagh exclaimed while lunching on Saturday with people who do not work in Law. Later, in a supermarket parking lot, she chirped to a friend, “Randomly shoving your shopping cart in the pen when you’re done with it—instead of neatly nesting it in the queue—is tantamount to gross malpractice!” A mutual acquaintance observed that Wyndbagh always had a passion for justice and language, and speculated that the pet phrase had been uttered by a hoary professor at law school. Taking things to the next level, the young attorney, during a sunset stroll in town on a path frequented by dog walkers, posted a photo of unscooped poop with the caption #TTGM.