VOL 250 Issue 2

Only 11 days after her wedding, Athena Moore took stock of her husband’s eating habits. At the reception, Dion Moore had three slices of cake and five floral bouquets of icing. During their honeymoon cruise to Cancun, for one of his appetizers at the buffet he helped himself to three plates of peeled jumbo shrimp on four consecutive nights. Back at their new two-bedroom condo in Las Vegas, he ate a family-size bag of Doritos and a can of Chunky Sirloin Burger Soup (which serves 2.5 people per can according to the label), just to note a couple of examples. When they went to the Cineplex to see Beauty and the Beast, Athena could only glance peripherally at Dion’s armful. Good Lord, she thought, I had no idea I married a freaking glutton.