Matt Drudge, the dominant news aggregator, and Luther Campbell, the hip hop mogul and former MC of 2 Live Crew, have the same mother, according to a source. Unsurprisingly, the two Miamians also share freewheeling entrepreneurial vigor, attraction to sexual and political controversy, and a craving for attention. The 57-year-old Campbell attained national celebrity through the salacious songs and performances by 2 Live Crew, whose album, Banned in the U.S.A., was the first to be labeled with a Parental Advisory sticker. In 1993 he was party to a case argued before the U.S. Supreme Court, arguing that a commercial song parody can qualify as fair use. Since 2010 Campbell has been a columnist for the Miami New Times. The 50-year-old Drudge was born and raised in Maryland, lived in Los Angeles, and then moved to Miami in 2001, presumably to be close to his half-brother. After launching the Drudge Report, he gained a wide readership for promoting coverage of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. At press time, the warmth of Campbell and Drudge’s relationship, further similarities between the South Florida big shots, and identity and location of their mother and respective fathers have yet to be determined.