The precocious, astute singer/songwriter, Peere, is currently seesawing between insanity and comfort as the topics for her next composition, this blogger can report. At her recording studio, Peere was observed chanting to herself phrases such as “going crazy” and “losing my mind” while growing increasingly agitated. She subsequently experienced a sedate period, calming an invisible character with the assurance “it will be all right, it’ll be OK.” When that ended, she was seen flipping a coin. The 18-year-old Peere is recognized as the unerring oracle of her generation based on her wildly successful, self-titled debut album and its hit single, “We Savagely Agree,” in which she described a divided, clique-obsessed high school student body looking for common ground despite the dominance of a few despicable, rival alphas. In past interviews Peere has discussed her intensive study of pop song craftsmanship and last week confided that you simply can’t go to the well too often (she confidently noted, “like, a thousand tracks on the charts the last 20 years can’t be wrong”) with well-trodden, simplistic expressions of impending derangement or communal assuagement. The icon of adolescent honesty kept it real by asserting that she is and has always been in complete control of her wits and that, when you look around, things are messed up and certainly worsening by the minute.