After Fox News announced that Tucker Carlson will replace Megyn Kelly as the host of its 9 pm program, the population of Americans who have or plan to put on a snotty and petulant persona for monetary gain welcomed the move as a substantial, timely validation. In contentious conversations with this amateur blogger, many praised Carlson’s cultivated indignation when interviewing liberals, and particularly admired his negative openings to questions (“Isn’t it true…) that signal and expose lefty sanctimony before they are even answered. Others pointed to the measured quality and quantity of Carlson’s sneer when in the presence of the politically correct, which contributes to the newsman’s consistently high scores in the rating of faces that most want to slap repeatedly with force. The individuals contacted reported varying degrees of success in staying in the snotty, petulant character throughout the workday—for a few there is no difficulty at all—yet all claimed the pose contributed to career advancement and earnings increases that will likely accelerate due to the Carlson Effect.