VOL 693 ISSUE 1.7 Education

History teacher Ariel Finger gushed that only six parents dozed and merely 15-20 focused on their phones, making the 2016 installment of Crabtree High School’s parent-teacher night an unqualified success. The low number of nappers and texters during the successive ten-minute class sessions, in each of which Finger energetically summarized the syllabus and conducted a lightning mock lesson, demonstrated the parents’ unquestionably vigorous engagement in their children’s studies. For Finger, two extraordinary interactions stood out: while Trey Tatum’s dad snored with his head tilted back and to the left in the exact position his son had attained at 11:10 am, Anwesha Dey’s dad brought up his favorite classical historians; and while the Chambers twins’ mom giggled and snorted down at her tiny screen just as her daughters did every day throughout second period, Erica Chen’s mom mentioned that, as a volunteer docent at the Franklin Museum, she could conduct for the kids a guided tour of the new exhibit about colonial political life. The strong turnout—nearly half of Finger’s students in five classes were represented by their parents—accounted for the exhilarating tone of the evening and contributed to her assessment that it was the finest parent-teacher event during her 21 years at Crabtree.