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VOL 72-2 ISSUE 11   Self-Help

While flying from Knoxville to Philadelphia, Britney Kahrkrash noted for the first time that the pre-flight safety instructions included the crystal clear directive for an adult to apply an oxygen mask before helping children or others in need. Somewhere over the Washington, DC area, there came the epiphany to apply this principle as liberally as possible in her everyday life. From then on, Kahrkrash has, to name just a few examples, consistently scooped half of the iceberg salad before passing it to her teenage children; twice plucked the first Yellow Tail chardonnay from a server’s tray while chatting with her BFFs at the golf club Memorial Day mixer; and taken the first shower at the lake house after it was announced that the hot water heater was expiring. To publicize this behavior whenever it is called for, Kahrkrash exclaims a branding message of her own invention—“My Mask First!”—accompanied by holding her hand over her mouth and nose, which by all accounts is catching on with her expanding network of family, friends and admirers.