VOL 33-2 ISSUE BLUE   Food & Dessert

While licking from his gums the remnants of an artisanal nonpareil, T.T. Hadnagy realized he had ingested a chocolate snack for the fourth time in a day, a Tuesday no less, so he faced the music and announced that he could no longer be considered an adult of more than modest significance. Taking full responsibility, he logged on to the list of prominent go-getters to which he so proudly belonged, and declared himself “inactive.” He then took stock of his shocking overindulgence: at breakfast he had eaten a chocolate croissant to complement a mochaccino; before lunch he had in two gulps, while walking briskly, finished a cupcake from a platter a coworker had left out for the office. For his afternoon break, he had sipped a Keurig Dark Chocolate hot cocoa at his desk while nibbling a Nestle Crunch bar. He had with no compunction whatsoever dipped into the brownie batter on the counter upon arriving home. Then came the nonpareil which, come to think of it, made more than four chocolate transgressions. Consumed with self-loathing, the formerly classy and estimable Hadnagy opened the pantry and peeked into the kids’ goodies basket.