VOL 2 ISSUE yellow   Social Media

FACEBOOKLAND–Self-taught social media adept Junie Chatterlee today acknowledged that her post about “going viral” had not generated widespread buzz across the many worldwide networks to which she subscribes. Indeed, as the provocative post remained starkly unliked and comment-free, a web analytics report confirmed it had acquired zero views. An acutely observant fellow patron of Drippz Coffeehouse would have seen from behind his own laptop that Chatterlee had silently revisited her startlingly insightful argument that weaved social psychology, ethics and the fundamentals of gesture, and culminated in a user-friendly five-step guide to produce and monetize an unquestionably viral communication. She then involuntarily uttered out loud a clever analogy about a tree falling in the woods with no one around, but no one at Drippz heard her and, when she transcribed the witticism as a comment to her original, unerring post, it too prompted no reaction.